Smart City – Building Scalable Start-ups!

Developing and activating innovative, scalable solutions and business ideas to make cities smarter.

Start-up Support

We support entrepreneurs to realize their Smart City business ideas quickly and successfully.

Strong Ecosystem

Through our entrepreneurial ecosystem we provide start-ups with the necessary contacts to develop their innovative Smart City solutions.

Global Market

We focus on technologies with the highest relevance for the global Smart City market: Mobility, Data, Building Technologies, Resource Efficiency

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Target Group

  • Students with a first business idea on Smart City
  • Scientists with a technology relevant for the Smart City market
  • Early stage startups on their way to realize business in the Smart City field

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There are plenty of opportunities for you to join the community and to take advantage of our tailored programs. Take a look e.g. at the TechChallenge, the Bootcamp4Scientists, our Startup Talents or the incubator program XPRENEURS. Come and join the International Entrepreneurs’ Night!

About the Project

The Smart City project aims at developing and activating innovative, scalable solutions and business ideas to make cities smarter. With a team of more than 20 people we identify promising technologies and marketable applications in the Smart City area and support startups to realize their ideas quickly and successfully. The 5-year project with a 5 Mio Euro budget is co-financed by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Technology.

The Cities’ Challenge

The cities continue to grow and new challenges rise worldwide. Thus, creative and innovative technologies are needed to cope with these challenges and to ensure that cities run as efficient as possible and remain livable. The main challenge is to tackle the transition towards a sustainable, post-carbon society very soon. The City of Munich has set a high goal regarding climate protection: until 2030 the CO² emission per head should be halved compared to 1990.

Contact persons

Gunda Opitz

Head of Entrepreneurial Network Entrepreneurial Network

+49 89-18 94 69-1411

Silvia Dell'Olio

Executive Director International Affairs Entrepreneurial Network

+49 89-18 94 69-1412

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smart City?

A Smart City provides a better quality of life by using technological innovations. The “smartness” of a city is rated in several dimensions – like smart mobility, smart environment, and smart living. Also, the smart inclusion of its citizens’ activities determines a Smart City.

What technologies are we focusing on?
In the project we are focusing on technologies with the highest relevance for the global Smart City market. Also we are covering core areas of industry partners in the Munich Ecosystem. • Mobility (Autonomous Driving, E-Mobility, Connected Mobility, Mobility Services) • Data (Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT & Sensors, VR / AR) • Building Technologies (Planning Tools, Automation, Smart Buildings) • Resource Efficiency (Energy Management, Smart Grids, Renewables and Energy Storage)
What’s the project’s vision?
Munich/Bavaria is a Smart City Hub and an international model as a Smart City testbed. Tech-based startups in the ecosystem are aware of Smart Cities’ challenges. At the same time they seize the big chances that these challenges bring for a growing industry of new technologies. In the Bavarian ecosystem startups get the support they need and the best conditions to develop their innovative solutions. Thus, they realize Smart City business ideas, which are internationally scalable.
What is the innovation competition of the City of Munich and UnternehmerTUM about?
The competition opens the doors to the municipal administration. Startups get the opportunity to test and realize innovative ideas regarding given tasks of the City of Munich. You can choose one of the three topics: Augmented Reality, Crowd Awareness, Center for Climate Competences. The application deadline is May, 6th, 2018. More information:

Open Call for Solutions to Smart City Challenges

Designscapes is a Horizon 2020 European Project and aims to exploit the generative potential of urban environments in the highest possible number of European Cities. The focus is on using design and user engagement to come up with effective solutions to smart city challenges. Are you interested in solving urbanization related challenges? Apply now for the Designscapes call!

The call is divided into three stages. Please remember the deadline for submitting proposals for stage 1 Feasibility Studies is November 30th, 2018! Maximum funding per proposal is 5000€ for stage 1 and 25.000€ for stage 2 and 3 respectively.


Success Stories

Get to know some teams with Smart City solutions from XPRENEURS


kiteKRAFT creates more affordable wind power plants, based on a tethered electric aircraft – that’s a kite.




Learn more


Condens automatically analyzes large amounts of customer interactions to extract insights for software product managers.




Learn more



SEWTS develops an intelligent gripper system with 3D camera & AI to recognize wrinkles and buckling in textiles and smooth them down.




Learn more


Ocell is building autonomous & highly efficient unmanned aerial vehicles which leverage the latest innovations in AI.




Learn more


AMendate is a software for automatic generation of high complex, lightweight designs of technical products, perfect for 3Dprinting.




Learn more


Levaru develops a robot for adjusting elevator guide rails in order to create huge time and financial benefits.




Learn more


TwoStay helps you find your office in other locations’ off-hours, work anywhere, get inspired and join a community.




Learn more


Konfuzio digitalizes the processing of payment advices via the Konfuzio Reader and Konfuzio Matcher.




Learn more


Teratrace offers insights by monitoring & forecasting crowd behaviour, commuting dynamics & network congestion in real time.



Learn more


LXE is a Munich-based company developing smart devices in the field of acoustics with a focus on linguistic algorithms.




Learn more


INTEFRA is developing SIMAV system that generates detailed, accurate and real-time site informations of the traffic guidance.



Learn more


RideBee is a carpooling application for companies in order to reduce commuting expenses and stress for its employees.



Learn more



With a highly scalable crowdsourcing technology, NavIndo dynamically creates indoor maps from smartphone sensor data.




Learn more


KEWAZO develops automation systems for the scaffolding assembly, which is both a dangerous and labor-intensive activity.




Learn more

Hawa Dawa

Hawa Dawa provides real-time, high resolution air quality data with their own air sensor networks, big data analytics & machine learning.




Learn more


Pave enables object recognition and segmentation on IoT cameras for logistic, production and automotive applications.




Learn more


KussBus sells user experience in mobility. The product is a shared on-demand passenger transportation service for metropolitan areas.




Learn more


FreiFahrt is connecting the mobility sector and advertisers to make mobility affordable for everyone – financed by smart ads.




Learn more

Blue Inductive

Blue Inductive develops wireless superchargers to charge electric vehicles conveniently and fully autonomously.




Learn more


TRANSPORT HEROES provides a digitalization solution for the booking and price calculation of traditional land transport.




Learn more


MAIoT is a multi-brand predictive maintenance solution in the B2B automotive industry for truck fleet management.




Learn more


Pulling together the kilometers in company cars, carsharing and car rental; KeySurance offers users a better discount in private car insurance.




Learn more


TWAICE delivers solutions based on digital twins to reduce battery development and testing costs, increase their reliability and lifetime.




Learn more


Ridetronic sells a super light e-Bike with a fully integrated and invisible drive system that is 50 percent lighter than conventional models.




Learn more


Commutify makes companies more reachable by presenting their employees with more efficient commute options.




 Learn more


xFlight is building the smartest eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft in the industry.




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ORBEM transforms food systems towards a sustainable future, analyzing and classifying biological samples without destroying them.


Learn more



First intelligent and holistic agency for shared flats. They promote an efficient distribution to solve the housing shortage in cities.




Learn more


BlinkIn is a smart visual assistant for solving real-life problems of companies and their customers BlinkIn is used and trained to guide a person through specific crucial tasks, e.g. maintenance or repair.



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Connect Platform

A tool for developers to build the backend of their services and applications visually.





Learn more


ELISE is a software designed to automate the entire product development process especially for additive manufacturing.





Learn more


Simply find the best babysitters with memory. Within minutes, mymary will connect you with the best babysitters for today, tomorrow or next week – whenever and wherever you need childcare.




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Parkdepot optimise parking lots with a smart camera system and AI.





Learn more


Teamgeist offers you professional athletics training for you and your team.






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nGen manufactures a set of electric wheels which turn any normal wheelchair into a high-tech electric one.




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Kraftblock provides an eco-friendly, cost-efficient and highly scalable, modular thermal energy storage system.




Learn more


Waterjade is a water inflow predictor. It optimizes energy trading and operations in production plants.

Learn more

Ariadne Retail Analytics

We offer our novel technology that gives you the opportunity to optimize your advertising, sales and management, providing accurate data of your customers.



Learn more


A complete decision support System for utilizing industrial 3D printing.





Learn more

Cult Fitness

CULT is the boutique fitness studio for your living room that offers live group workouts, accessible anywhere.




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FoldAI reduces greenhouse emissions by scaling high-resolution forest management through a fully automated and affordable solution.




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Nebumind develops software that makes production data visible for every manufactured product. 




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Presize develops the most accurate body scanning software for fashion online shops by combining the latest breakthroughs in Computer Vision and Deep Learning.



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Test everything, all the time. Enterprise Test Automation at Scale. Our goal is to enable companies to deliver ‘shippable’ code into roduction in under 1 hour.




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PassiveBolt is a passive home entry module that allows door lock manufacturers to cost effectively produce smart locks.




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Blockchain-based platform which provides developers decentralized access to data produced by smart cars.



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Convaise transfers complicated documents into an easy chatbot conversation simplifying administrative communication.




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Bike Solutions

We enable urban planners to get a comprehensive understanding of cycling traffic and to make the right and most effective decisions to shape the cycling infrastructure of tomorrow.



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Cesonia enables data sharing across companies through a decentralized data network and without compromising on security and control, to provides a unified data view as well as a “Single Point of Truth”.



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Dahlia Robotics

We envision sustainable food production made possible by autonomous farming robots.




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Fusionbase is a data management & analytics platform made for agile data access in the age of AI. 




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Neighbor offers you to search, message, and book various listings that include guest apartments, meeting rooms, event spaces, classes, local events, private and professional services, goods for rent, mobility services and so much more.




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PYLOT enables the mobility of the future with a teleoperation software platform combining the power of artificial and human intelligence.





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Virtonomy serves as a medical device service provider for virtual anatomy and fitting studies based on imagining data and anatomical models. 





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