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In our projects we work together with recognized international partners. The focus is to support high-tech start-ups to internationalize.

Smart City – Building Scalable Start-ups!

The Smart City project aims at developing and activating innovative, scalable solutions and business ideas to make cities smarter.

With a team of more than 20 people we identify promising technologies and marketable applications in the Smart City area and support start-ups to realize their ideas quickly and successfully.

The 5-year project with a 5€ million budget is co-financed by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.

Current Projects (Selection)

EYE Global

Feeding from the success of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the European Commission decided to go one step further and involve non-EU countries in the program. And not just any countries, but locations at the forefront of innovation: the United States, Canada, Israel and Singapore.

UnternehmerTUM partners up with Poznan Science and Technology Park and global partners.

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, initiated by the European Commission, is a cross-border exchange program allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to work with an experienced entrepreneur in other partner countries for the duration of 1-6 months in order to exchange experience, ideas and networks.

UnternehmerTUM leads a 9 partner consortium and is contact point for new and host entrepreneurs from Germany.

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Digital Hub Mobility

The Digital Hub Initiative is an initiative of the German Federal Government and Bitkom. The main goal of the Digital Hub Mobility is to strengthen the exchange between the Mobility Industry, IT-software and Web Companies, to foster the development of joint innovation and startups projects.

UnternehmerTUM was appointed Digital Hub Mobility in Germany.                                                   

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Global Deep Tech Venture Initiative

The TUM Global DeepTech Venture Initiative (GDTV) aims to support international high-tech founders on their way to establish a successful start-up within the Munich ecosystem. Start-ups from all over the world are given the opportunity to settle in the German high-tech metropolis with the help of a experienced expert network.

UnternehmerTUM is involved in realizing a one moth DeepTech Accelerator Program as well as DeepTech Sprints.

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Giving African start-ups access to know-how about the European market and thus strengthening partnerships between them and established European companies and start-ups, the program provides the basis for future business.

UnternehmerTUM co-operates with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the Initiative ‘GIZ – Invest for Jobs’ which aims to promote digital innovation for sustainable and inclusive development.

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This initiative promotes collaboration between international enterprises, Tunisian IT companies, and talents. 

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) supports Tech216 through the special initiative “training and job creation”.

UnternehmerTUM developed the concept and works to establish the B2B co-creation lab further.

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EIT Urban Mobility

The aim of EIT Urban Mobility is to create liveable urban spaces with innovative mobility solutions. This pan-European partnership is dedicated to education and training, accelerating products, services and processes for cities as well as to foster the competitiveness of the European urban mobility business sector.

UnternehmerTUM as a core partner is involved in various projects, which applies to Business, Innovation and Education.

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EIT Health

EIT Health promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active ageing.

UnternehmerTUM hosts the first phase of the eight-week program EIT Health MedTech Bootcamp. It aims to equip teams of engineers and health practitioners with an entrepreneurial toolbox, a convincing business plan and a network of investors to catapult their healthcare transforming ideas from sketch to market.

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EIT Climate-KIC

Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership on climate innovation to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

As an affiliate partner of Climate KIC we are the contact point for interested parties from the South German area. In the Climate-KIC Accelerator we connect start-ups with the right experts to help them to transform their innovative ideas into new products and services.

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Initiative for Industrial Innovators

We provide commercialization know-how,

prototyping tools and stage-specific financial

resources – unifying the efforts of European

family offices, advanced technical universities

and entrepreneurship centers to enable Europe-

based industrial innovators.


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Previous Projects (Selection)


FabLabNet aims to foster international networks and links both with schools and businesses. The project joins a number of fablabs into a central European network. In the consortium we share experiences and develop activities to boost knowledge and capacity, following trends set by the European movement that emphasizes new business models, and marks the difference in current cultural & business world.

EU-Project: 2016-2019

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Scale (up) Alps

SCALE(up)ALPS aimed to establish the Alpine Space as an innovative hub for scaleups on an international level.

Together with all PPs we connected the AS ecosystem, selected policies that expand the quantity and quality of fast-growing scalable ventures. The aim was to produce high level recommendations on start-up ecosystems’ growth and to increase the collaboration across disciplines and stakeholders.


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MARCO, the ‘MArket Research for a Climate services Observatory’ project, gathers market research firms, climate scientists, climate services practitioners, and innovation actors to provide a detailed insight into the market for climate services in Europe.

All PPs are involved in market research, market estimation, qualitative surveys, case studies, gap analysis and innovation modelling. dl


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The European Venture Program (EVP) enables 20 young start-ups to grow their business beyond borders. The 12-day program takes entrepreneurs on a journey to the four different ecosystems of the EuroTech Universities, with a mix of thematic workshops, company visits, and pitching competitions.Together with TUM, UnternehmerTUM hosted the program in Munich. EU-Project (Erasmus+ strategic partnership) 2015-2016

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The main objective of OrgBIO is to establish a training platform spreading around the interdisciplinary / intersectoral European-led area of organic bioelectronics. Using different sensors, actuators, electronic and interconnect technologies OrgBIO develops multifunctional systems based on organic devices and materials with high sensitivity

UnternehmerTUM conducted an entrepreneurship lab.

EU-Project (FP7): 2015-2016

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EU Macs

The goal of EU-MACS (EUropean MArket for Climate Services) is to make the wealth of climate information truly accessible and applicable for a large variety of potential climate service users.

We are involved in all WPs, ranging from the analysis of market conditions & innovation prospects in markets for climate services, to exploring different climate services value chain cluster options.


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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, initiated by the European Commission, is a cross-border exchange program allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to work with an experienced entrepreneur in other partner countries for the duration of 1-6 months in order to exchange experience, ideas and networks.

UnternehmerTUM lead the project’s consortia in EYE I (2013-15), EYE II (2015-17), and EYE III (2016-18).


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The European Entrepreneurship Colloquium (EEC) is an intensive one week residential program, specifically designed for European professors and educators seeking to integrate more effective, appropriate and interactive approaches, and practical skills in teaching entrepreneurship.

In 2015 the 12th EEC was organized at UnternehmerTUM/TUM.

EU-Project: 2013-2015 alskdjhlksdjfhlakjsdfhlkasjdfhlk

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The Biomedical Imaging & Informatics – European Research and Training Initiative (BERTI) is an interdisciplinary and intersectoral European network of computer scientists, natural scientists, engineers, clinicians, and partners from industry, embracing multidisciplinary collaboration.

UnternehmerTUM offered workshops for business opportunities recognition and assessment as well as team assessment.

EU-Project: 2013-2017

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EIT Digital

EIT Digital delivers digital innovations to the market and breeds entrepreneurial talent for economic growth and improved quality of life in Europe. It does this by mobilising a pan-European ecosystem of over 130 top European corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research institutes.

UnternehmerTUM managed the identification and selection process for EIT Digital Formnext challenge.

EU-Project: 2012-2015

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LIFE (Learning Incrementally from Failed Entrepreneurship) was about learning step by step from failure and aimed at collaborative action to bring entrepreneurship forward.

In each of the partnering areas important players were mapped. The consortium identified, shared and discussed best practices. Virtual and real discussions with entrepreneurs helped draw conclusions and provide recommendations.

EU-Project: 2015-2016

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STARTIFY7 trained entrepreneurial students to shape their own startups, and provided them with expert support. 280 students participated in seven thematic summer academies.

As a project partner, UnternehmerTUM was in charge of organizing an entrepreneurship faculty training program, where the participants learnt about business development and built their first prototypes.

EU-Project: 2015-2016 lskdhflskjdfhlaksjdflkjasdfh

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The aim of TANGO (Thermoacoustic and Aeroacoustic Nonlinearities in Green combustors with Orifice structures) is to develop green combustion technologies and noise control methods in a gender-balanced, multi-disciplinary network with academic and industrial collaboration, while also training highly skilled scientists of the future.
UnternehmerTUM conducted a workshop on Entrepreneurship.

EU-Project (Marie Curie Initial Training Network): 2013-2016

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