Landing Pad – Are you ready to go international?

The Landing Pad is the platform that will give you the opportunity to get in touch with international markets and start-up ecosystems.

Co-working Space

Enjoy a table at one of our international partners’ premises. Work, meet the residing start-ups and have a base for your first contacts.  

Exclusive Access

Receive unique access and information about the start-up ecosystem and get help meeting local stakeholders. 

Gain Visibility

Get presented to the world through social media channels and websites and let important stakeholders know who you are!

Conquer new international markets and expand your start-up globally

Target Group

You are a tech-based start-up and:

  • want to grow your start-up and check out if other markets are for you.
  • have clear, specific goals that you want to achieve during your stay.
  • your product is clearly defined and you have started talking to clients.


The participation in the Landing Pad is free of charge if you are a founder or start-up from the UnternehmerTUM network. You will have to cover your own travel expenses.


To participate in our Landing Pad, fill out the application form and let us know why we should give you the opportunity to conquer new markets. Once you are accepted we will get you in contact with the partner of your choice so that you can arrange the dates of your stay.


You can stay up to 4 weeks and split them as best fits you, providing the partner you chose has space to host you.

Contact Person

Marisa Schneider

Project Leader International Cooperation
Entrepreneurial Network
+49 89-18 94 69-1454

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split my stay or do I have to stay a whole month?
Yes, the period is totally flexible. The stay will depend on your needs and the availability of space at the destination.
Is there any help with the travel costs?
The participation in the Landing Pad is free, but you need to cover your own travel costs.
How many people from the same start-up can go?
Only 2 people per team can be present at the same time. However, different people can go in different moments, specially if you fragment your stay into several periods.
Is this the final list of partners?
No, the list is not final. We are looking to cooperate with top international partners. So if you want to go somewhere where we still don’t have a partner, contact us and we’ll try to make it happen.

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