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The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program brings together people who want to start a business with experienced entrepreneurs from all over Europe.

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Target Group

The program is addressed to:

New Entrepreneurs, founders from all over Europe with up to 3 years of entrepreneurial experience.

Host Entrepreneurs, founders based in Germany with minimum 3 years of entrepreneurial experience.


Travel and accommodation costs for new entrepreneurs are subsidised by the European Union. The amount perceived per month depends on the cost of life in the country you chose to go to. The monthly grant allocated for Germany is 830€.


  1. Online application
  2. Program acceptance and access to the data base with the host and new entrepreneurs’ profiles
  3. Matching and submission of the working plan
  4. Collaboration within the company of the host entrepreneur


1 to 6 months

Contact Persons

Katharina Kratzer

Project Leader International Cooperation
Entrepreneurial Network
+49 89-18 94 69-1453

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the program?

The program is accessible to all European new and host entrepreneurs who have their permanent residence in one of 28 European Member States, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Republic of North Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Entrepreneurs from the EU outermost regions and the Oversears Countries and Territories (OCTs) are also eligible to participate.

Please note that participation in the program is not based on nationality but on fulfilling the program’s eligibility critieria with regards to permanent residence in one of the participating countries.

What will I do during the exchange?
The new entrepreneur brings in the experience of his/her local market, knowledge on new technologies or on the implementation of innovative processes.
The host entrepreneur hosts a new entrepreneur from a different country at his/her company in order to work on projects for mutual benefit. The HE provides mentorship and gives the NE advice on how to develop his/her business.
Can I choose my own exchange partner?
Entrepreneurs are free to choose their own exchange partner in the program database or suggest an exchange candidate.
How long does it take before my exchange can start?
Several steps need to be completed before the exchange can start. The exact duration depends on all parties involved: the exchange partner, the local Intermediate Organisations and the European Commission. Be aware that it can take several weeks until your exchange is approved.
Where can I find more specific information about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs?

Please find more information on the webpage: https://erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu/.

Flyer with key facts of the program

Success Stories

"My relationship with my HE is still very good. But I feel like I will learn more when I am in the office since I also learn through random discussion and sharing experiences with the team."

Kristina Nikolovska

New Entrepreneur, KIKI ROBOTS

How Corona affects the international exchange

Kristina Nikolovska (KIKI ROBOTS) is taking part in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program in 2020. She is a New Entrepreneur from Ljubliana and wants to learn new things and upgrade her knowledge in the field of robotics and automation with an experienced Entrepreneur in Germany. Her Host Entrepreneur is Stefan Zeidler from Robotcloud UG in Munich. The host's business is providing software and integration services for designing and introducing intelligent robotic systems into service processes.

This is a collection of Kristina's thoughts and experiences during the Corona situation:
There are no greater changes regarding her work since Corona affected Germany, too. Although the whole office has changed to working remotely, she is in regular contact with her host and the team via Hangouts and Whatsapp. Nevertheless, Kristina appreciated meeting the team in person and getting to know the company with an on-site start back in February. After a few weeks of working from home the whole team is used to handling the remote situation relying on online communication and management tools to ensure the progress of work and to support each other. Except for the testing of robotic development everything else can continue as usual. Kristina describes that she can still draw positive aspects from these challenging circumstances as she is continuously improving her soft skills, such as organization and communication, as well as her programming skills.

Overall: best preconditions for coming back to office after the Corona crisis.

More than an international exchange

Leo Martinez, the co-founder of Colorimetrix and an alumnus of our incubator XPRENEURS, hosted Artjola Puja from Albania within the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. Leo´s enterprise, Colorimetrix is a lab in a pocket meaning that you can monitor kidney conditions, diabetes or ovulation, and pregnancy with your smartphone. Meanwhile, Artjola is working to develop a mobile-based app called ‘I-Health’, which will allow patients to access their medical records and communicate with doctors from their homes.

The Host Entrepreneur Leo was looking to share his entrepreneurial expertise and build international collaborations. The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program brought him together with the New Entrepreneur Artjola for a 6-month international exchange of entrepreneurship experience. Leo not only gave Artjola a unique industry-related experience about developing a business but also gave her opportunities to interact with potential customers and partners that are crucial for any new business.

Both entrepreneurs largely credited their similar business ideas for their successful collaboration. The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs experience has boosted Artjola’s motivation for starting her own business and has given her valuable insights into penetrating her product’s target market. Now Artjola is working on developing and testing her business prototype, forming her team and collaborating with other entrepreneurs to bring the I-Health app to life. Leo and Artjola hope that their collaboration will continue in the future and will soon grow into a partnership.

“It was rewarding having someone so young and full of energy, someone who inspired us to remember the early days of entrepreneurship and lifted the startup spirit again. I would encourage more seasoned entrepreneurs to give this chance to young entrepreneurs. There are plenty of young ambitious minds out there ready to take over the world and change it for good. We need to give them the opportunity.”

Leo Martinez

Host Entrepreneur, Colorimetrix

Be open to possibilities and opportunities

“I learnt the importance of being open minded because there are always infinite possibilities in any situation— we just need to learn to see it. There is so much more opportunities and doors that can be opened than we expect. All the obstacles that we see on the way are most of the times only in our head.”

Maruša Pozvek

aspiring LegalTech entrepreneur

Maruša Pozvek, a young LegalTech entrepreneur from Slovenia, came to Munich to collaborate with Lex Tan, founder of MotionsCloud UG and experienced entrepreneur in FinTech, within the scope of the European entrepreneurial exchange program “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”. Through her studies she got the idea to develop a software solution for tax consultants, which provides online legal services, thus combining law with technology.

Seeing the opportunity to go to Germany to collaborate with an experienced founder and to gain knowledge on how to manage her own business and become a Legal Technology Software Developer, Maruša applied to the exchange program. Maruša defines the exchange as a win-win situation since she has acquired broad knowledge about different fields – useful even beyond her project – and it has proven to her that her startup could be used all over Europe. Coming from a law background, technology and artificial intelligence was not her cup of tea but she has discovered how they work and how they can be combined with her idea.

After her six-months exchange, Maruša is now working on the market validation of her project, improving and changing her business plan according to the testings and feedbacks. Moreover, she is starting building up her team of technology experts in order to bring her business to the next level and expand the future access to the market.

Along with the collaboration with the Host Entrepreneur, Maruša has been actively taking part in several programs from UnternehmerTUM to get the best from the new environment.

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