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The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program brings together people who want to start a business with experienced entrepreneurs from all over Europe!

Fresh perspective

Get new market insights and exchange knowledge with other entrepreneurs.

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Meet international partners and find new growth possibilities for your company.


Get a EU grant (up to EUR 1,100 / month) to help you finance your stay abroad!

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Target Group

The program is addressed to:

New Entrepreneurs, founders with residence in Germany and up to 3 years of entrepreneurial experience.

Host Entrepreneurs, founders based in Germany with minimum 3 years of entrepreneurial experience.


Travel and accommodation costs for new entrepreneurs are subsidised by the European Union. The amount perceived per month depends on the cost of living in the country you choose to go to. You can check the list of countries and grants here.


  1. Online application
  2. Program acceptance and access to the data base with the host and new entrepreneurs’ profiles
  3. Matching and submission of the working plan
  4. Collaboration within the company of the host entrepreneur


1 to 6 months

Contact Persons

Katharina Kratzer

Project Leader International Cooperation
Entrepreneurial Network


+49 89-18 94 69-1453

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the program?

The program is accessible to all European new and host entrepreneurs who have their permanent residence in one of 27 European Member States, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, and Kosovo*.

Entrepreneurs from the EU outermost regions and the Oversears Countries and Territories (OCTs) are also eligible to participate.

Please note that participation in the program is not based on nationality but on fulfilling the program’s eligibility critieria with regards to permanent residence in one of the participating countries.

*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence

What will I do during the exchange?
The new entrepreneur brings in the experience of his/her local market, knowledge on new technologies or on the implementation of innovative processes.

The host entrepreneur (HE) hosts a new entrepreneur (NE) from a different country at his/her company in order to work on projects for mutual benefit. The HE provides mentorship and gives the NE advice on how to develop his/her business.

Can I choose my own exchange partner?
Entrepreneurs are free to choose their own exchange partner in the program database or suggest an exchange candidate.
How long does it take before my exchange can start?
Several steps need to be completed before the exchange can start. The exact duration depends on all parties involved: the exchange partner, the local Intermediate Organisations, and the European Commission. Be aware that it can take several weeks until your exchange is approved.
Where can I find more specific information about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs?

Please find more information on the webpage: https://erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu/

Flyer with key facts of the program

Success Stories

“Usually, every founder is busy with their own start-up, but with programs like EYE, two founders are brought together where they work together, share ideas, understand each other, go through ups and downs where one can relate to other.

Naseef Umar

Co-Founder, AutoSmart

It's all about making decisions, improving continuously & trying new things

Let’s introduce Naseef, studying at the Technical University of Munich and Co-Founder of AutoSmart, a bootstrapped start-up providing digital solutions for the Automotive Industry. Before he decided to apply for the Erasmus for Young Entreprenerurs (EYE) program, his entrepreneurial journey was more of a trial-and-error process and having a mentor was lacking. Within his 6-months exchange in Belgium he gained a mentor who had a prior experience of 5 years in a similar business (Partego, Electric Car Sharing) and provided an opportunity for his New Entrepreneur to explore new European markets.

With the help of his Host Entrepreneur, Joachim Jacob, Naseef was initially understanding the car sharing industry, the operation of electric vehicles, how a cooperative business model and a car sharing application work.

In a nutshell he was supporting business development activities by brain storming new ideas and marketing opportunities. In addition, Naseef was involved in communicating with new potential partners from other European countries as well as coordinating and onboarding new cooperations.

For his  own start-up the NE was able to adapt the pricing strategy and improved it based on the value of the products. Two new clients were onboarded and new products developed. His team size increased by 4 people during the exchange.

How to deal with remote working in Italy during Corona

As a russian entrepreneur, studying at TUM in Munich, Konstantin decided to participate in the EYE program. His host is Paolo Franceschini from idea-re in Italy. With his short video he is sharing some impressions and challenges during the Corona crisis

Although he misses the social activities and conversations in person, especially to gain more experiences for his start-up, he is happy to have the opportunity of being part in this exchange program. Using smart technologies and new communication tools is usual for him, but reaches new perspectives and also challenges right now. For that he benefits in different ways, especially personally.

Very happy to work with Paolo during these uncertain times and the exchange experience was worth every day of the stay in Milano! Awesome that Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs provides such an opportunity for all EU students!”

Konstantin Tkachuk


First exchange to Singapore

"I always enjoy being in new environments, broadening my horizon and getting new perspectives. During my time in Singapore, I developed great friendships and fell in love with this amazing country. On the professional side, I met many interesting people and learned a lot about my business. Sometimes you find problems here which don’t exist back home and sometimes you find solutions which you wouldn’t think of in Germany, like the lack of data and the importance of the right business connections. All in all, the whole EYE program is a great experience, which I highly recommend to anyone who feels like doing hands-on entrepreneurship in another country!"

Armin Gräber

Founder, Eventmatch

  1. Why did you choose Singapore and Tat Yam Suen as your Host Entrepreneur for your entrepreneurship goals?

My mobile app, Eventmatch, supports tourists in quickly finding other people to visit the city or have food together. Since Singapore is one of the most traveled cities in the world and people here tend to dine out much more than in Germany, I saw a huge potential for the app to offer its users special benefits when visiting our partner locations in Singapore. Together with Tat Yam Suen and his day tour company Monster Day Tours, I saw an ideal fit to address the travelers, offering them a platform where they can get information about the tours operated by my HE. On the other hand, I brought initial value and content into my Eventmatch app.

  1. Which projects and goals were you working on with your HE?

I focused on getting restaurants & cafes, as well as some tourist operating companies, as partners on board for Eventmatch. Also, by talking with locals and tourists and conducting some surveys, I gathered valuable feedback on what users would expect from the app. We already implemented some design changes which were driven by this feedback (like showing the distance to the locations). Simultaneously, I helped my host entrepreneur to learn more about his customers and to create new products. 

  1. What are the challenges you have faced and the key lessons you have learned during your exchange?

I had to build my local customer and partner base from scratch since neither did local people know about Eventmatch nor did I have social media reach in Singapore. However, through the support of my HE as well as the supporting organization in Singapore, I was able to develop a great market network.

I also faced a different market situation due to plenty of competitors, different business hours and difficulties in reaching the owners of the restaurants. Mostly in Singapore, a couple of restaurants operating in the same area are owned by the same businessman or entity. The owners are mostly businessmen that are not immensely involved in the daily business which made getting them on board harder. However, the people here are very helpful and love to share their insights. The conversations I had with the competitors helped me understand their business model and how to attract customers for Eventmatch.

How to enter a foreign market

“I learnt that you always have to believe in yourself and build up a great team!”

Mario Becherer

Co-Founder, LARALAB

To enhance security and efficiency in today’s cardiovascular interventions, LARALAB, a MedTech start-up, works to assist cardiologists in the procedural planning and pivotal guidance providing software solutions based on artificial intelligence.

Due to the pioneer nature of the business, LARALAB has planned to expand into other countries, starting with Italy. Hence, Mario Becherer decided to participate in the EYE program and go to Turin to work side by side with Luigi Tealdi, founder of the namesake legal services consultancy office, thus acquiring inside key knowledge of the Italian market and its financial and regulatory characteristics. Moreover, thanks to his Host Entrepreneur’s broad network and hands-on advice, Mario established new valuable business contacts, meeting even new clients.

 After this successful three-month exchange, Mario returned to his team in Munich to work on the next step: conquering the CE mark.

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