EIT Urban Mobility Integration (UMI)

A unique professional education format integrating the methods of Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and Agility. This framework, called Y357, will support municipalities, professionals & start-ups from all over Europe to tackle the most pressing mobility challenges.


Mindset and motivation of participants connected with the latest and greatest tools for creating meaningful solutions in Urban Mobility.


MOOC and online workshops are both open for worldwide participation for professionals and entrepreneurs.



Bringing all of the key stakeholders together from Cities, Start-ups, Corporates and students.

Target Group

Cities, Professionals, start-ups, early stage entrepreneurs and mobility enthusiasts 


  • The Y357 framework developed by Prof. Ezri Tarazi in Israel provides participants tackling mobility challenges with a clarity of purpose (Y3), a set of core lenses through which to view their potential customers (Y5) & a sequential process for creating a scalable business (Y7). 
  • Our MOOC will deep dive into the seven stages for developing a new solution (Y7 of the Y357 framework).
  • Our online workshops will provide participants with an opportunity to learn and apply the full Y357 framework.
  • Mobility Challenges are presented during each online workshop by the host city.
  • Interdisciplinary teams will use the Y357 framework to develop new solutions in a user-centric way for these challenges.
  • Following the workshop participants will be invited to four one hour group coaching sessions to support them in applying the Y357 framework with their newly developed solutions or in their current work. 


  • July 7th, 10th, 14th & 17th:  Online Workshop focusing on Post COVID-19 Challenges
  • August (dates to be defined): Online workshop hosted by the City of Lublin (Poland)
  • From September – Y357 MOOC available through the CampusIL platform and available for worldwide participation
  • November 23rd – December 4th: Online workshop hosted by the City of Munich (Germany)




Attendance is free of charge after successful application. 

Applications for the workshop in July will open in June. 

Contact Person

Alan Armstrong

Program Manager Pre-Incubation
Entrepreneurial Network


+49 89 18 94 69-1423

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