EIT Urban Mobility – Academy

InnovaCity 3.0

A professional education format, providing the tools & customer access to create actionable solutions for urban mobility challenges. 

Online format

Fully online design thinking workshop to address the most important mobility challenges of these cities.


Co-located in 5 innovative cities –
Barcelona, Munich, Helsinki,  Debrecen and Paris.

Global access

Open for worldwide participation for professionals and students. 


InnovaCity is a 2-day Design-Thinking Workshops, where participants will be working in cross-sector teams to tackle prevailing challenges, prototyping viable solutions and finally pitching their results in front of a panel of experts. The winning teams will receive coaching sessions and a pitch-training to be able to participate in a final event, where they pitch their developed ideas once more.

  • Mobility Challenges are presented during each design-thinking workshop by the host city.
  • Interdisciplinary teams will develop actionable solutions to these challenges that can be followed-up as start-up’s or public project.
  • Winning teams from each workshop are provided with coaching from experts, municipalities and mobility companies. Apart from the coaching, winning teams will win amazing prizes!
  • During a final event, these winning teams will pitch their solution at an international conference,

    During the EIT Urban Mobility InnovaCity employees from Municipalities, Start-ups and Corporates will come together in six local hubs to learn how to solve urban mobility challenges in a user-centered way while getting to know the main stakeholders in this area.

    Have a look at the winning team from InnovaCity 2020 (participants from InnovaCity Helsinki) and their final pitch with their idea “HelsinKEY”: 

    How can Helsinki normalize the use of public transportation during Covid-19?

    HelsinKEY: A user engagement platform that MaaS companies can add-on to their App to customer engagement & retainment. 

Target Group

Professionals, Students and employees from cities

Dates 2021

All workshops will take place between April and September 2021.

  • Munich: April 15-16, 2021
  • Barcelona + Helsinki: May 20-21, 2021
  • Debrecen: June 23-24, 2021
  • Paris: September 7-8, 2021


Munich, Barcelona, Helsinki, Debrecen and Paris.  


The winning team from each workshop will win amazing prizes:

  • Pitch your winning idea on the global stage as part of our Global Week (event to be confirmed) in front of international experts from the EIT Urban Mobility Network
  • Receive individual mentorship & coaching from our team of experts (coaches, sponsors and/or municipalities)
  • Participate in the “Prototyping Crashcourse” powered by UnternehmerTUM

There will also be individual prizes for the 2nd place.  


Tickets will cost between €20 and €59. Waiver tickets will also be available. 


Contact Person

Constanze Karl

Project Leader International Cooperation
Entrepreneurial Network


+49 89 18 94 69-1455

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