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Entrepreneurship Module for the Doctoral Training Network (DTN)

Creation of awareness for entrepreneurship in graduate education and shaping the mindset of PhD candidates to think and to act like entrepreneurs.


Peer-to-peer learning with an international and interdisciplinary learning community of PhD candidates across Europe.

Strategic Goal

PhDs think and act like an entrepreneur and improve entrepreneurship skills to boost the mobility sector with innovative start-up ideas.


International connection of a community that creates real solutions for more sustainable urban mobility.

Target Group

Only PhD candidates who are participants of the Doctoral Training Network of EIT Urban Mobility 


  • Tailor-made blended learning journey on Entrepreneurial Thinking for PhD candidates
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), interactive webinars and hands-on workshop elements 
  • Skills training in entrepreneurial methods such as design thinking, lean start-up, customer-centric thinking, business modeling, prototyping 


  • July – August 2020: MOOCs and Webinars 
  • 15th -17th September 2020: Workshop at the DTN Annual Forum in Munich 



DTN Annual Forum in Munich (optional: remote)


Attendance is free of charge after successful application 

Contact Person

Dr. Nina Höhne

Senior Project Leader 
Entrepreneurial Network


+49 89 189469-1427

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