Master your project. Become experienced

Digital Product School is a 3-month full-time program where diverse teams build cutting edge digital products that solve real-world problems. Students, graduates, researchers and industry experts come together under one roof to gain lots of practical working experience – provided through collaboration with experienced product teams and industry experts. The set-up is as close as possible to common tech start-ups.

Build a User-Tested Product

Focus on designing engaging interfaces with well thought out behaviors.

Real Startup Atmosphere

Experience the thrill and magic of true interdisciplinary collaboration & lean mindset.

Digital Product Development

Chose betwenn Prodcut Management, Interaction Designer, Software Engineer or AI Expert and help create the mobility of the future.

Target Group

  • (PhD.) Students
  • Recent Graduates
  • Employees from Industry Partners


The program is free of cost for students and recent graduates. The Industry partners interested in participating should get in touch with the program manager.


The Digital Product School is designed to deliver a whole year of digital product development experience in just 3 months.


You can either be part of a company team or work in one of our »Wild Teams«. The 5 company teams will take care of the problem spaces provided by our industry partners. The 2 Wild Teams will chase their own project ideas.

Contact Person

Thomas Zeller

Chief Digital Officer

Our Partners