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Are you ready to bring your start-up to a new level? Would you like to start exploring what opportunities international markets offer? We have contacts and partners all over the world that will help you take the first steps and begin to create your international network. Check our outgoing programs or drop us an email to get personalized advice on how to plan the internationalization of your start-up.

Stay local, act global!

Don´t miss out on taking on an international perspective when growing your start-up. In this online article you will find a short wrap up on all the different possibilities of going international supported by UnternehmerTUM.

How can we support you to go abroad?


International Programs

We have designed structured international programs that will give you the opportunity to explore new markets in a save controlled environment and learn from experienced entrepreneurs in your country of choice.

International Network

We choose our strategic partners closely for their experience with start-ups and their extensive network of contacts. Take advantage of international top players, become part of their ecosystems, begin to expand your international network and scale your start-up internationally.


Individualized Support

If you are not sure how to start or what option would be the best for the development of your start-up, drop us an email and we will help you figure out what is the best strategy for your international development.

Funding Opportunities:

Export Bavaria 3.0 – Go International

IHK and Handwerkskammer support Bavarian start-ups and SMEs in their market expansion. A maximum of two new countries are eligible for funding, up to two applications per target market can be submitted within the maximum amount. Up to 50% of the costs for the new business measures (max. EUR 23.000 for each market) can be refunded. These measures include trade fair participations, websites, product certifications, employee training or new brochures for the foreign market.

  • Duration: Up to 1 year
  • Funding: max. EUR 23,000 for each market

Start-up International Forms

Exploring English speaking countries supported by German fund.

Hans Weisser Scholarship Program and Foundation Deutschen Wirtschaft offer support for founders from Germany who are looking for further qualification opportunities in English-speaking countries.


Application closed for 2021!

Keep updated for the next application phase starting in April 2022

Discover foreign markets with Bayern International

Interested in doing business abroad and in gaining access to international markets? Bayern International is the local contact point for Bavarian SMEs willing to discover new and established markets and enables contacts to be made worldwide. 

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